I’m 33-years-old, I’ve two sons and I’m from Espoo. I’m a physiotherapist. I got involved in politics in the spring of 2014 while defending my autistic son’s right to study.

I wrote an opinion piece “Tehdään Nuutin haaveesta totta!” in which I criticised Katainen’s government’s policies regarding special education. The policies would have meant that group sizes in schools would have grown and help for individuals would have been lost. I set up a petition called Erityistukea tarvitsevien lasten oikeus oppimiseen turvattava!. The petition was signed by over 25 000 people. I met the Minister of Education, Krista Kiuru, and the policy was eventually overturned, as well as an extra 10 million euro being committed to special education.

Decision-making needs openness. During the decision-making process it is important to remember to have a dialog with the other side, in spite of their dissent. Trust is not developed without mutual respect. I want to be a spokesperson for special groups. Early support and prevention are my fundamental principles in all human groups.

I wish to be the person, who brings forward important issues for all. Everybody wants to feel that they are cared for. I don’t have a lot of experience in politics or working in organisations but I’m brave and persistent as well as honest.

If elected, I’ll take children, early support and openness with me to parliament, and that goes especially for children.

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